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On the steps of my shadow

On the steps of my shadow

Massimo Ghianda

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We can spend all our lives by walking in our own shadows trying to fight them until one day life will not help us to make the choice that will forever change us: to turn our gaze towards the light illuminating our shadows to make them disappear.
Ancient times and centuries and centuries of experience. But we never got lost. There are unbreakable bonds created by invisible forces that unite two beings in a continuous connection.
Inspired by “Shadows and light” novel – Tatiana Karachun


Music, arrangement, production and concept: Massimo Ghianda.

Vocals: Ana Axe and Massimo Ghianda.

Synths, Keyboards, Continuum, Electric guitar, Acoustic Guitar, Sliding guitar, Bass and Percussions: Massimo Ghianda.
Lyrics: Ana Axe, Tatiana Karachun, Massimo Ghianda.
Coverart: Massimo Ghianda

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