Peter Cole

American // Sant Francisco, United States



Peter Cole is a self-taught musician, composer and producer from San Francisco, California. Ever since I made my first drum set out of coffee cans when I was ten years old, I have loved to perform, compose and produce all styles of music: classical, punk, Latin, world music, rock, jazz, electronic, new age, experimental. I particularly enjoy combining these different styles to make something completely new.

My interest in these different genres continues to influence each piece of music that I create. Using both acoustic and electronic instrumentation, I currently focus mostly on instrumental piano and guitar-based music that moves between classical, ambient soundscapes and World music, as well as more orchestrated and hybrid music for film and/or movie trailers. I enjoy writing music for visuals (film, photography) and often visualize movement, characters, scenes and moods while I’m composing.

As some of the song titles suggest, the music on my most recent release, “How I Wonder” was inspired by the dreamy mystery and wonder of classic fairy tales. This album is full of romantic and relaxing piano-based songs that are meant to inspire and make you think!

I currently produce music for bands and artists in my own studio located in the San Francisco Bay Area, and compose music for TV, film, movie trailers, the web and other multimedia projects. I’m also an award winning interactive developer and have created websites, mobile apps and other digital media experiences for some of the biggest brands in the world, including Apple, Nike, Target, Hyundai, Microsoft and Xbox.


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