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Marc van Oers (born Februari 12, 1972), known by his artistname Electronic Sound Project (ESP). He is a recreational music composer and graphic Designer. Creating cinematic ambient with experimental influences. There are no commercial purposes related of his musical activities. He only composes this type of music because he just love doing music. Marc’s musical heroes are Tim Story, Pieter Nooten, Jean Michel Jarre and Max Richter. He began his musical studies with Flute at age 10. Clarinet and Piano lessons followed later in life.

He is certified in typography and layout, Photoshop and Dreamweaver. (Grafisch Lyceum Rotterdam), retail school Breda and diploma commercial Trade representative and certified (store) manager. Corperal Radio EZB / FM telex 12th Mechanized Brigade (12 Mechbrig) Generaal Winkelkazerne, Nunspeet (1992/1993).

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