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Guiliano started his career making name as skillful deejay at clubs and events in the sparkling early days of the Dutch dance scene. As a resident of infamous radio stations, Guiliano became a recognized artist with true deck mastery and a clever choice of records from his vast collection of rare and priceless vinyl. In this period his style focused on the rougher styles of electronic music, and although over the years Guiliano got completely taken over by techno, references to this era can still be found in his dark and subtle evolving sets, setting his signature sound and being true to his roots. With countless deejay hours in front of the crowd and seeing the electronic scene evolve from the start, Guiliano has a great foundation for creating effective and relevant tracks and remixes, which is underlined by the plays and cheers by several fellow artists. Some great tracks are up for release soon, so be sure to keep an eye out.

Guiliano is a great example of the true deejay, combining the craftsmanship of the good old days with a great feel for the present and future.



Email Guiliano@xs4all.nl

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