George Xoulogis

Greece // Denmark



George is a Film-Multimedia and Video Game Composer, Orchestrator and Musicologist.

Having composed the music for over 30 films (6 feature movies, 25 short movies), many TV Shows, an American Epic Video Game, Documentaries and several other projects, with talented and globally awarded directors and producers. He is delivering popular but unusual genres of film and television music from his professional studio globally. He has written several kinds of music (ambient, epic, abstract, minimal, contemporary, classical, ethnic and others).
His training includes all areas of traditional and modern composition, orchestration, music preparation, and conducting for film and visual mediums (MA in Film Scoring from SMKS-Denmark, Bachelor and MA of Music in Musicology from Aristotle University of Thessaloniki, Degrees and Diplomas of Harmony, Counterpoint, Byzantine Music, Fugue and Orchestration).

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