The Netherlands // Rotterdam



Hi my name is Floatwithme or just Ray.

Living in The Netherlands and I am a composer in different kinds of music. It all started for me about 4 years ago when I published my first track on SoundCloud.

Never realized that I would have so many great comments and reactions from all over the world about the music that I make. The best thing for a artist is when people talk about your music and it moves them in emotions while listening to it.

In the years that followed I made a lot of new friends online on SoundCloud, did lots of collaboration with different artist on Soundcloud and composed about 234 track(s) right now. And still counting, but like a writer and also a composer there are these blocks that no new inspiration is there. So if you just start yourself in composing music, do not be afraid it happens to the best.

So some gears and equipment I use for composing:

  1. I use my midi keyboard a Behringer UMX250
  2. Sometimes I use my main Yamaha Grand Piano for new inspiration and practice.
  3. For a Year I now use Logic Pro X as my studio to build in my projects
  4. Instrument plugins from Logic Pro X It self and many different VST’s that are available for buying

My dreams are to compose and just share my passion to the world and with you.

Thank you for visiting and reading this message and hope to see you on many different social media I am active on.

You can find the social media links in the main display of my website, or on the artist page.





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