Dries van der Haegen

Danish/Belgium // Danmark



If you can’t say it with words, try it with music”

Flemish musician ( born 1976 ) from Ghent ( Belgium ), living and home- composing on the island of Funen, Denmark.
I have been playing music in the last 23 years.
My instruments are guitar, bass, piano, harmonium, kokles ( Latvian harp), garmon og bajan( Russian squeezebox og accordeon), blues harp, saxophone, drums and pshina.
I am an autodidact musician. I mostly improvise, so I can only replay my music ‘roughly’ the same way…
I bought my first digital piano in 2009, one year after a dramatic workaccident with traumatic consequences here in Denmark.
I started my first recordings in Audacity on a very cheap ( free) old IBM computer with XP OS and 40 Gb harddisk with small RAM in the dark winter of 2012. So I have quite recently begun analog recording with my digital piano Roland F-110.

Since that time I realized that composing relaxing filmmusic was both a way to express myself and a solution to come over the multi-crisis in my life.
Nowadays I use a professional recording program to create my own music…as a cure for my body which was affected of that traumatic experience back in 2008. Composing music keeps me strong and helps me to find a way out.
Music can be someone’s own private natural painkiller…

All the sounds I have her on soundcloud are electronically recorded works in progress and most of them not finished or mastered yet… but I can tell that my improvised works are inspired creations of the moment in which I am composing…

The mixing happens instantly by myself while composing my music and all the pictures I use are made by my own camera…
I have always dreamt of making filmmusic one day as a profession and I really hope that day will come…
Collaborations or small cinematic projects are welcome.

Enjoy my music!


Email Dreazzy@hotmail.com

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